Underwater led flashlight dive electronics Alfa 1800
The lantern is suitable for any types of technical and recreational diving. Has a slightly wider beam angle than the DE-1500 Photon and higher luminous flux. Has a very compact light head.
The maximum luminous flux, LM 1200
The opening angle of the light beam, degrees 6
Battery type Li-ion
Battery capacity (LI-ion) 110W*h
Operation time at maximum power (no dimming)
While working in automatic economy mode (without dimming)
Working time in emergency mode
Total time
6 h
2 h
3 h
11 h
Время работы в энергосберегающем режиме, (без снижения яркости)
Время работы в автоматическом экономичном режиме (без снижения яркости)
Время работы в аварийном режиме
Общее время работы
12 h
1 h
3 h
16 h
The number of modes 4
Led battery discharge indicator 7 levels
Automatic energy savings with a strong battery discharge (emergency mode) Yes
Working time in emergency mode no less 3 h
Double sealing of battery pack (cans) Yes
Electronic protection from short circuit and overdischarge of the battery Yes
Time to full battery charge (using the supplied charger) 6 h